10 Tips On How to Choose Your Senior Photographer

Choosing your senior portrait photographer is an important decision.  There are many details that go into planning a senior portrait session.  A professional photographer can help ensure you have an experience that you cherish.  We have gathered 10 of the top tips we feel are important to consider when choosing your senior portrait photographer. 


A great portrait is a collaboration between the client and the photographer, especially when it comes to senior portrait sessions.  A senior session is the perfect opportunity to capture your style and personality.  It’s a time to honor all the hard work you put in to achieve the status of being a high school senior.  And it’s a time to capture you in portraits before you enter into adulthood.  It’s a wonderful way to celebrate this rite of passage into your future.  Your photographer will also have their style of photography.  Be sure to check out samples of their work to make sure you like their style of photography.  And even more important, check to see if their client experience includes working with you to design the session you envision.  


You and your BFF might share all the same interests, but it’s important that your senior portraits look like yours and not your BFF’s.  The locations a photographer uses and how they use those locations is an important factor when choosing a senior portrait photographer.  See if the photographer you select has a variety of locations to offer and is able to customize your session to you so that your portraits look uniquely yours.  A great professional photographer has the ability to hand select locations that perfectly match the session you envision so you spotlight your style and personality.  

Attention to Detail

There are countless details that go into planning a portrait session.  A great portrait session goes well beyond pushing the shutter on the camera.  These details can include designing how your session will look, what you will wear, how you will be posed during your session, which lighting will best highlight you, and what camera equipment will be best.  And attention to detail doesn’t end there.  Professional photographers also apply attention to detail in the editing process and post-processing of your images.  Photo filters can do wonders, but they tend to work globally.  A professional photographer who offers custom retouching will take the time to provide hand touched editing to your images.  This attention to detail will set your images apart.  

Experience & Certifications

When it comes to choosing a senior photographer, you will have many choices to choose from.  One way to ensure you are choosing the best photographer for you is to ask about their level of experience and their certifications.  While the photography industry isn’t regulated like some other industries, there are professional certifications that photographers can achieve that will designate them as respected professionals in the field.  One of the top recognized certifications within the photography industry is the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) achievement. 

Raving Reviews

Reading client testimonials and reviews can help give you insight into the photographer’s style and the level of service they provide.  It can also give you an opportunity to see how others felt about their sessions.  As you check out the photographer’s reviews, you might find yourself connecting with the photographer which can help let you know you and the photographer are a good match for your senior portrait session. 

Tangible Memories & Lasting Investment

How you will use your images is important to consider.  Photographers are business owners and offer different services and products just like any other business.  Some photographers focus on offering only digitals.  Some focus on offering only printed images.  And some photographers focus on offering both print and digital options.  

Digital images are great to have on file from your session; however, there are drawbacks to digital files and great benefits to having printed images from your session.  Printed images can stimulate more senses which can bring more life and vibrancy to your memories as you enjoy your images over the years.  Think about all the wonderful moments you can share with family as you sit together on a couch holding your high school senior portrait album as you look over your images.  Plus, mom can be happy knowing that she has a beautiful portrait of her beloved high school senior on display at home.  And you, the high school senior, can be happy knowing you have the digital version of that beautiful portrait so you can share with friends on social media. 

The type Of Experience You Want To Have

Photography ranges in session delivery styles as much as it ranges in types of artistic style.  Some photographers focus on providing quick sessions with images delivered electronically, while other photographers provide a more customized portrait experience for their clients.  Some photographers are print experts, too, meaning they are trained and skilled in knowing the top recommended products for the beautiful portraits from your session.  Violet June Photography delivers customized portrait sessions and top quality printed portraits.

investing Time in you

One of the benefits of a full service boutique photographer is that they have the time to invest in you.  The luxury services they provide typically include getting to know you, your style, and the session you envision.  A boutique photographer usually focuses on attention to detail that includes making sure you feel special and important on the day of your session, as well as making sure your session includes poses that make you look your best.  These photographers also usually include high end retouching and top quality portrait product offerings within their luxury services.  

Plan Ahead

The 2020-2021 school year is just about to begin and, technically speaking, you still have time to plan and schedule your senior portrait session.  Senior year can go by fast though, and photographers can book up quickly.  There is also the uncertainty of photographer availability due to health concerns that result from the pandemic.  Scheduling your portrait session early in the school year will help guarantee that you have senior portraits to celebrate and commemorate this special time of your life.  

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