Choosing A Newborn Photographer

Choosing a newborn photographer is an important choice to make.  Celebrating the birth of your newborn is such a precious moment of your life.  Having portraits of your newborn taken allows you to capture this beautiful time and have keepsake memories to treasure over the years.  Choosing the photographer that is right for you is key in ensuring you have portraits that you absolutely love and that will last throughout the years.  There are many things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.  


Safety is one of the top factors (if not the #1 factor) to consider when selecting your newborn photographer. Your newborn is so tiny and precious and requires certain techniques to be used by the photographer to ensure their safety and comfort.  Selecting a photographer who is experienced and well trained with photographing newborns will help ensure the safety of your newborn.  During your consultation with your photographer, ask them about their newborn safety policies.  


Newborn photography sessions are beautiful works of art.  Great newborn sessions include a collaboration between the client and the photographer to create the artwork that you desire.  In addition to your own style, the photographer will also have their own style of photography.  While considering your newborn photographer, check out samples of their newborn portraits and check to see if the design of the session is what you envision. 

Attention to Detail

Sweetly designed newborn portraits are created through a process that includes the design of the concept and session and includes a highly hand crafted retouching process.  Attention to detail is a must during the session as well as during the editing process.  Reviewing samples of the photographer newborn portraits will help you determine the level of attention to detail they include into their sessions. 

Experience & Certifications

When it comes to choosing a newborn photographer, you will have many choices.  One way to ensure you are choosing the best photographer for you is to ask about their level of experience and their certifications.  While the photography industry isn’t regulated like some other industries, there are professional certifications that photographers can achieve that will designate them as respected professionals in the field.  One of the top recognized certifications within the photography industry is the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) achievement. 

Raving Reviews

Reading client testimonials and reviews can help give you insight into the photographer’s style and the level of service they provide.  It can also give you an opportunity to see how others felt about their sessions.  As you check out the photographer’s reviews, you might find yourself connecting with the photographer.  This will let you know if you and the photographer are a good match for a newborn session. 

Tangible Memories & a Lasting Investment

How you will use your images is important to consider.  Photographers are business owners and offer different services and products just like any other business.  Some photographers focus on offering only digitals, some focus on offering only printed images, and some photographers focus on offering both print and digital options.  

Digital images are great to have on file from your session; however, there are drawbacks to digital files and great benefits to having printed images from your session.  Printed images can stimulate more senses which can bring more life and vibrancy to your memories as you enjoy your images over the years.  Think about all the wonderful moments you can share with family as you sit together on a couch looking over your images while holding your precious newborn album.  And beautiful portraits of your newborn on display on the walls of your home will fill your home with that warm, cozy feeling.  

Ask what is included in Your Newborn Session

For a newborn session, asking what is included in your session includes more than consultations, the photographer’s artistic style and time, and digitals or print credit.  Most photographers who specialize in newborn sessions will have newborn clothes, newborn wraps, and newborn props that you will have access to use during the session.  Choosing a photographer that includes props, clothes, and wraps in the session is great because it assists you with the session design process as you rely on your photographer as the professional to help you create the newborn session you dream of.  It also takes one less to-do off your list since your photographer will already have the wraps, clothes, and props needed.

Choose the best newborn photographer you can afford

When looking for your newborn photographer, it will be important to have an idea of what is in your budget.  Just as you will find various photographers with different artistic styles, you will also find that there are a variety of photographers available for different buying levels, from budget-conscious to high-end. 

Having a budget in mind will allow you to then focus on choosing the best photographer within your budget.  Some photographers might offer payment plans.  It’s a great idea to ask the photographer if they offer payment plans. 

investing Time in you and Your Newborn

One of the benefits of a full service boutique photographer is that they have the time to invest in you and your newborn.  The luxury services they provide typically include getting to know you, your style, and the session you envision.  A boutique photographer usually focuses on attention to detail that includes making sure you feel special and important on the day of your session, as well as making sure your session includes poses that make you look your best.  These photographers also usually include high end retouching and top quality portrait product offerings within their luxury services. 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead truly is important when planning your newborn session.  Most newborn sessions are ideally best held within the first 5-12 days that the baby is born.  Be sure to ask the photographer you are considering if they have a preferred time frame that they photograph newborns. 

Additionally, as a parent of a newborn, there are so many other details that you will have to focus on as you prepare for the arrival of your baby, especially in the first few weeks that your baby is born.  Knowing that your newborn session is planned and prepared will help relieve some stress in those first few weeks you are welcoming your newborn.  Additionally, most newborn photographers book in advance and can reserve your session date pending the actual birthdate of your baby.  Booking early is highly recommended.  

Learn More About Violet June Photogrpahy

Violet June Photography is an award winning portrait studio that specializes in newborn portraits.  Violet would be honored to be considered as your newborn photographer. 

About Violet

Violet is an award-winning photographer based in Southern California.  Her mission is to help you see your own beauty while having a fun portrait experience.  She knows that providing a personalized experience helps you feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.  Violet provides the care and attention to your session so that you feel special and achieve the authentic look you desire! 

Having earned the distinction of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Violet is renowned for her upscale, vibrant, and top-notch portraits.  Violet can meet with you to design the session you envision, whether it’s to celebrate and pamper you or to celebrate the important moments with your children and loved ones.  Trust Violet to create memories that you can cherish for years to come! 

Violet calls the Temecula Valley home.  She enjoys the lifestyle and strong sense of community that is found within the valley, including Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, and surrounding areas.  If you see her out and about with her family or dogs, be sure to say hi.

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