When you choose Violet June Photography for your portrait session, you are choosing to have a full service experience.  The full service experience includes a pre-session consultation, the portrait session, and a viewing/ordering session.

Scheduling your session can easily be done by contacting Violet June Photography.   

The Consultation

The consultation is an important meeting time that allows you to make a personal connection with the photographer and the discuss style of photography provided during your session. 

During your consultation with Violet, you will discuss: 

  • Recommendations for what to wear to your session
  • Ideas for where to hold your session (In-studio or on-location)
  • Recommended poses for the session
  • Length of your session
  • Recommendations for products to display in your home 
    • Consider the wall space in your home where your portrait products will be displayed
    • Type of portrait products needed (Will you need canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, photographic prints?) 

As part of the high level of customer service Violet provides, the consultation is very influential in deciding how the portrait session is photographed.  It also helps to ensure that your portrait session is a success! 

The Session

The portrait session is personalized to meet your photography portrait needs.  Length of sessions depend on the nature of the session because Violet provides her clients with the time needed to capture the portraits.

Helpful Tips/Reminders for your portrait session with Violet:

  • Arriving early to your session can allow you time to relax before the session starts and lead to a successful session
  • Before your session, plan what you and your family will wear 
  • For newborn sessions, review the how to prepare for your session guide provided by Violet
  • For sessions with children, prep the kids for the session. Violet can provide you with recommendations to prepare them
  • Most importantly, have fun! Laughter, playing, and embracing are great ways to enjoy the session and capture sweet expressions

The Viewing and Ordering Session

Included into the full service experience offered by Violet June Photography, Violet meets in person with her clients for their viewing and ordering session.  

Benefits of meeting in person for your ordering session:

  • Receive professional assistance from Violet with purchasing the products that will be displayed in your home
  • Order custom designed and professionally printed products that will last for generations
  • Save time with ordering in person because your photographer is available to immediately answer questions
  • View and touch product samples prior to ordering
  • Violet provides a personalized service that allows you to visually see what images will look like on your own walls and at different sizes before ordering
  • When ordering products through Violet June Photography you are ensuring you receive high quality artwork to display in your home

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