Top Tips To Prepare For Your Headshot Session

Think you don’t need a great headshot? Think again. In years past, it would typically be corporate executives, models, and actors who needed headshots. That was then. Now, with so many people having a social presence online and so many people networking online, a headshot is a must for pretty much everyone!

A professional headshot can help you make a great first impression.  It is very common for first impressions to be made online with the click of a button well before you have met in person. Ways to make a great first impression include the way you dress, your body language, your demeanor, and your smile. Your profile picture on whichever social media platform you use can often be the very thing that gives people a first impression of you.  So it’s important to choose a profile picture that communicates the right message about you.  And a professional photographer can help you do that through the use of lighting and posing to communicate your body language and demeanor, and also highlight your smile.

Now that we know why you need a headshot, let’s discuss tips for your headshot session. Not everyone enjoys having their photograph taken. There are many people who would consider themselves camera shy, or camera phobic. Following these tips can help make your headshot session comfortable and successful for you.

Tip # 1 Go pro!

Invest in a professional headshot taken by a professional photographer. Your investment will be worth it! Why? Professional photographers are skilled in photography, especially in posing and lighting techniques. Proper posing and lighting can be what sets your headshot apart. Next, be sure to choose a professional photographer with a style that you like. There are many professional photographers around these days and each have their own unique style. Ask to see samples of their work before choosing a professional photographer to hire.

Tip #2 Dress for success!

Choose outfits that you are comfortable in and that make you feel happy and positive. Wearing clothes that make you feel happy can make your mood happier and boost your confidence. And dressing for success doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear business attire. You definitely want to choose wardrobe pieces that match your brand. You do, however, want to select wardrobe pieces that are well made, are tailored to you, and match the overall look you want to portray in your headshot. Read more on dressing for success by visiting my blog post titled, Planning What to Wear to Your Actor Headshot Session.

Tip #3 Rest and hydrate!

It’s important to get a full night of rest the week before your session. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water at least one week before your session. Doing so can help make you look refreshed, reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, and soften your skin.

Tip#4 Hair and makeup! Hair tips apply to guys, too!

Plan to have your hair cut two weeks before your session. This will allow your hair time to settle and provide a more natural look for your headshot. For women, having your makeup professionally done can add a polished look to your headshot.  Read more hair and makeup tips, visit my blog post titled, Hair & Makeup Tips for Your Portraits 

Tip #5 Have fun, relax, and trust your photographer.

Having fun and relaxing during your session will definitely have a positive effect on your mood, which will transfer to your headshot images. And remember, if carefully chosen, your photographer is skilled at taking headshots. Trusting in your photographer can help ensure a successful headshot session. They are trained to capture professional headshot images.

Remember that hiring and trusting in a professional headshot photographer is an investment that is well worth it. A great headshot can help make you look legit!

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