Two Competitions and Eight Merits Later

Two PPSDC Competitions and Eight Merits Later

As you may know from previous posts, I enjoy entering image competitions with the Professional Photographers of San Diego County (PPSDC).  I find the experience to be extremely rewarding.  Entering competitions allows me to continue to grow as an artist.  It also assists me with providing professional quality portraits to my clients as I strive to keep my skills current.

Image competitions also provide me the opportunity to network with other professional photographers within the field.  The job of a photographer can become very isolated at times for many reasons like the amount of computer hours logged while processing client sessions, the countless hours spent studying the craft, and/or marketing the business.  I have always found professional photographers within these groups to be very friendly and supportive.

This past January and March, I again challenged myself as a photographer by entering the PPSDC image competitions.  I submitted images in both the children and portrait categories.  I received merits for all eight images that I submitted, including a best of children for the March image competition.


January 2018 PPSDC Image Competition 

Category: Children Title: Baby Adonis
Category: Children Title: Looking Cute and Dapper
Category: Children Title: Rosy Cheeks
Category: Portrait Title: Miracle for a Scarred Survivor








March 2018 PPSDC Image Competition 


Blissfully Wrapped



Born to Rock the Sideburns



Little Bundle



Sweat Pea

What is Image Competition?

For those new to image competition, it allows photographers to have their work judged and critiqued by masters in the field.  While it is a rigorous critique process, it is typically presented in a very supportive manner to help the photographer learn ways to improve their photography skills and their artistic abilities.  I highly recommend image competition for photographers because it can be a wonderful learning experience.  Furthermore, I find that entering image competitions is a great way to add credibility to yourself as a photographer and business owner.  With the rise of digital photography, there are many photographers with varying levels of experience and expertise.  Earning merits within image competitions acknowledges that you are an accomplished, award winning photographer.  For those interested in image competition, there are many professional organizations available to join.  I would recommend starting with your local PPA and PPC affiliate.