Headshots & Business Portraits

Today, first impressions are instantaneously made with the click of a button.  Having a high quality professional headshot is a necessity for representing you and your brand in both digital and print media.  It’s a means for communicating the value you provide, for introducing yourself to your audience, and connecting with others.  

Violet June Photography offers clients professional headshots and business portraits.  We also service corporations and large companies with on-location group headshot sessions.  We believe that everyone has their own beauty that is unique and individual to them. It’s what makes you, you!  Make your first impression with your professional headshot by Violet June Photography.

Standard Headshot Session

Our standard headshot sessions are designed for the individual looking to quickly update their image. This session is perfect for updating your profile pic on your social media accounts. 

Business Portraits

Business portraits are for the professional looking for more than a quick headshot (head and shoulders pose).  These sessions include the head/shoulders headshot, 3/4 portraits, and full length portraits. Business portraits are ideal for those looking to make an impact with their branding and marketing materials. 

Branding Session

Branding sessions are ideal for small business owners or entrepreneurs who want to incorporate professional photography images into their brand and online presence.  These sessions are essential for showcasing your unique personality and style.  Let’s start planning your branding session so you can add to your brand, reach your current and new clients, and grow your business.  

Group Headshot Sessions

Group headshot sessions are great for businesses and corporations.  These sessions provide businesses with a branded look for their staff and can be easily incorporated into the business website and marketing materials.  It’s also ideal for companies looking to have headshot images included into their email signatures.

  • Customized Consultation to ensure your finished images match your corporate or business brand
  • Suggestions for what to wear and make-up tips for professional headshots
  • Basic image editing
  • Electronic delivery of images
  • Images are sized and ready for your business needs so that you won't have to resize them
  • On-location sessions available: we can plan the headshots at your business or event location.
  • Options to include on-site image selection and/or image retouching

What Clients Are Saying

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