Personal Branding Session:
The Break A Workaholic Needs

Because all of your hard work deserves a break 

Calling All Self-Proclaimed Workaholics

July 5th is National Workaholics Day. Interesting that it is honored the day after a national holiday, but that could be to recognize those who work on July 4th.  Either way, the day is intended to remind us all of the importance of self-care and balancing a strong work-life balance. It’s a nudge to be sure that you are investing in both yourself and your work.

Workaholics Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

According to a Forbes article, some of the top ways workaholics can achieve work-life balance are by taking time to rest, evaluating what is most valued, and balancing work with play. You can read more recommendations for workaholics in the Forbes article and their top recommendations within the link below.

We get it!
We know it’s hard for workaholics to stop from the day to day routine, let alone take a break for themselves.

And we know that the desire to spend the majority of the waking hours on work tasks is legit for workaholics.  This is why we have a suggestion for an ideal way to keep focused on work, while also investing in yourself and incorporating play.  Think commercial photography and personal branding sessions. 

Personal Branding = Investing in both you and your business

Three images of headshots of women. One image women is standing with arms on hips. Second image woman is sitting in a white chair. Third image woman is standing against a black background.

Personal Branding For You

A big advantage to personal branding sessions is that they are a way to invest in yourself. By design, they deliver a more comprehensive headshot and portrait session than a traditional headshot session. Typically, personal branding sessions are complete with a variety of poses, outfit changes, and looks to choose from. The time spent on you to look your best will help you also feel your best.  Owning images of yourself where you look and feel your best gives you a self-esteem boost and an extra dose of self-confidence.  Something we can all use in our own lives.

Personal Branding For Your Business

Creating personal branding photos not only provide you with images that look and feel like of who you essentially are, but they also give you visual content to build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience. This is a huge benefit and boost for your business. 

Branding photography helps visually tell the story of your business. You can highlight your services and products within a brand photography session.  And in doing so, you effectively identify what sets you apart from your competition.  These sessions also give you the ability to show your audience a more genuine and real side of your business and its leaders, while also making an emotional connection with your current, new, and potential future clients. 

Why You Need Personal Branding For Your Next Session

Quite simply, personal branding sessions are a worthwhile investment in yourself and your business. On the business side of things, they are personalized portrait sessions that promote client engagement.  And on a personal level, they give you some quality time to focus on your look, be pampered and poured into, and great beautiful imagery of yourself.  The expressions that are created within the session will keep you feeling confident in life and business.

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