your 2020 Portraits & Top Spring/Summer Colors

Whether you are looking for the current top color trends for your 2020 spring/summer wardrobe or you are looking to plan an upcoming portrait session, we have the list of this season’s top color trends ready for you.  This season’s top color trends include bright, cheerful, vibrant colors and cool, refreshing, calming colors. There is definitely a color to express the message you desire to communicate.  

Flame Scarlet

Confident and determined is the message you’ll send when including this color into your wardrobe planning this season.


Looking to add that extra something to your look?  Consider including saffron into your wardrobe choice.  It’ll give you a bright, radiant look that is sure to dazzle.

Classic Blue

The 2020 classic blue is a stable color choice that evokes calm, confidence, and connection.  It’s a color that is certain to elevate you to a timeless and classic look. 

Biscay Green

Biscay green is an aqua color that will give you a cool and refreshing vibe.  This is a great choice for warm summer days.  Elevate your look even more by pairing it with this season’s coral pink. 


Chive is this season’s green color option.  It provides a very organic and healthy feeling that offers a traditional feel to your outfit. 

Faded Denim

Faded denim is a softer blue for this season.  Choose this color to convey comfort, serenity, and relaxation.  

Mosaic Blue

Mosaic blue is a sophisticated blue that adds depth and elegance to your look. 

Orange Peel

Orange peel is such a vibrant color option for clothing trends for this spring/summer.  This is a bold and bright color that will ensure that you are seen.  

Coral Pink

The soothing shades of coral pink are continuing into the spring/summer 2020 color trends.  This season’s coral is the perfect color choice for feelings of warmth and embrace.


Sunlight offers a soft and creamy yellow for the spring/summer 2020 color trends.  It’s perfect for sending messages of cheerfulness, happiness, and overall welcomeness.  

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon stick is a very earthy, deep red.  It offers a very warm feeling to your look that is also very modern and chic.  

Grape Compote

What we enjoy most about this season’s purple is how mellow it is in tone.  Move over pink because purple is sure to take center stage this season.

Classic colors

This season’s classic colors are lark, ash, brilliant white, and navy blazer. 

We look forward to seeing which of the spring/summer colors become your favorites this season.  We’d love to discuss these colors more while planning your 2020 portrait session with Violet June Photography.  Contact us to start planning your next session.