What to wear: Fall 2019 Portraits

Want to look great for your holiday portraits?  Looking for ways to make this year’s family portrait look different? We’ve got some ideas that are sure to inspire you. 

The key to looking good in your portraits is more than finding a skilled professional photographer. Looking good is also achieved in the things you do to prepare for your portrait session. Planning what to wear for your session is a one way you can ensure you will look great for your next session. Most professional photographers will guide you through the process of preparing for your session. At Violet June Photography, our clients know how much we enjoy helping them look their best and they rely on the concept and design services we provide prior to their session.

To help get you ready for your fall family portrait session, we have researched the top recommended colors for Fall 2019/Winter 2020. We then complied them into this article to help inspire you as you set out to plan and schedule your portrait sessions this season. And as always, we would be happy to assist you with planning what to wear to your next session as part of the included concept and design service you receive when you schedule a session with Violet June Photography.

When we starting looking into the recommended colors for Fall 2019/Winter2020, we got excited! The hues and tones recommended this season work perfectly for portrait sessions. And with these being the recommended colors for the season that means you will have lots of clothing style options to choose.



One of the top color trends for Fall 2019 is vibrant and deep reds. Think chili pepper red and brick red. For a dramatic and exciting look, consider this season’s clothing options for red. You’ll be sure to exude confidence.


This season you will see a lot of deep traditional greens, as well as mint green and pistachio green. These colors offer you the opportunity to bring a modern and refreshing look to your session.

Peach & Soft Pinks

Expect to continue to see soft peaches that we saw this spring. Soft pinks and peaches are very flattering and can provide you with a healthy and refreshing look. These colors also bring a very soft look to your session.


You will also see lots of yellow-orange and orange clothing options. Think the color of cheddar and the color of pumpkin. Choosing these colors for your session will add a bold look to your session.


Pink will continue to be a top choice. This fall, you will see lots of beautiful bright pinks. Bright pinks cannot only offer a fun look for your portrait session, but can also communicate your vivacious side.


Blue is a calming color and also communicate strength and stability. And this season’s blue hues does not disappoint. With options for deep, bold, and midtone blue, you will be able to express your more thoughtful side within your session.


Seriously how can we not discuss purple! Violet June Photography loves purple. Be prepared to see purples in lavenders and deep purple this season.


This fall, you will see deep browns, earthy browns, and mid-tone browns. Utilized right, these colors communicate strength, stability, and sophistication within your session.


Fall is a perfect time for neutral color tones. Pair this season’s creamy whites with other top Fall color trends for winning portrait choice.

Classic colors

And of course, we have to include the classics. Be sure to also consider including navy, guacamole/avocado greens, grays, and vanilla custard/crème into your wardrobe color combinations.

We hope you enjoyed reviewing the top color trends for Fall 2019/Winter 2020. This season’s top color trends provide a lot of inspiration for what to wear for your next portrait session. And remember that we include concept and style design within our sessions. We’d be happy to help plan what looks would look best for your session. Contact us today to schedule your session.

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